The MathAmSud project EEQUADD (Nonlinear and Fractional Evolution EQUAtions: Dispersion, Dynamics, well-posedness and Functional Analytic tools) is an ongoing collaborative effort among researchers in Partial Differential Equations from Brazil, Chile and France.

The main goal of this project is to develop a network of future and stable collaborations between researchers in Brazil, Chile and France, with emphasis in the Analysis of PDEs arising from fluids mechanics and quantum physics, leading to dispersive models.

EEQUADD project seeks for an increasing mathematical collaboration among PDE researchers in France, Brazil and Chile. The main topics of this project are: the study of fluid mechanics models, water waves systems and their asymptotic regimes, dispersive PDEs and their qualitative analysis, and classification of solutions with a particular long-time behavior. During this two-year project, we expect to develop new techniques and solve interesting problems in the area. We also expect to organize at least two conferences/workshops bringing together the members of this project and local participants, and at least one summer school in South America to bring together new researchers from several local countries.

International Coordinator: Jean-Claude Saut (Orsay, France).

Current Members


  • Felipe Linares, IMPA (Brazilian coordinator)
  • Jaime Angulo, USP
  • Miguel Angel Alejo, UFSC
  • Adán Corcho, UFRJ
  • Nataly Goloshchapova, USP
  • Didier Pilod, UFRJ



  • Michal Kowalczyk, DIM and CMM
  • Claudio Muñoz, DIM and CMM (Chilean coordinator)



  • Jean-Claude Saut, Orsay (International coordinator)
  • Yvan Martel, E. Polytechnique (French coordinator)
  • Anna Kazeykina, Orsay
  • Diego Chamorro, Evry
  • André de Laire, Lille
  • Luc Molinet, Tours


PhD Students associated to the project:

Jacek Jendrej, Kawter Mayoufi, Oscar Jarrín (France), Ailton Campos do Nascimento, Argenis J. Mendez Garcia (IMPA), Alex H. Ardila (IME/USP), Marcio Cavalcante (UFRJ).