Collaborations and Publications

List of publications related to the project (published, submitted, accepted, or in preparation mentioning the MATH-AmSud Program) :

MathAmSud EEQUADD collaborators are marked in bold characters.

Year 2016

  1. M. Kowalczyk, Y. Martel and C. Muñoz, Nonexistence of small, odd breathers for a class of nonlinear wave equations, arXiv:1607.06421. Published in Letters in Mathematical Physics.
  2. A. Kazeykina and C. Muñoz, Dispersive estimates for rational symbols and local well-posedness of the nonzero energy NV equation. II., arXiv:1603.06600. Preprint submitted for publication.
  3. C. Muñoz, Well-posedness for modulationally unstable nonlinear Schrodinger equations, and applications, arXiv:1608.08169. Preprint submitted for publication.


Year 2017

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Participation in seminars and congresses (national and international) related to the project :

C. Muñoz: participation in the workshop “Nonlinear PDEs at IMPA”, June 20-24 2016, using EEQUADD funds.

M. Kowalczyk and C. Muñoz: participation in the trimester “Ondes non Lineaires” at IHES, Bures-sur-Yvette, France (funded by ERC Blowdisol, leader: Frank Merle).

M. Kowalczyk, F. Linares, Y. Martel, C. Muñoz, D. Pilod, J.-C. Saut: participation at  2nd. WorkshopNonlinear evolution equations in Valdivia, december 2016.


Visits among EEQUADD members using EEQUADD funds


Didier Pilod Visit to U. Chile (December 8-16, 2016)
Felipe Linares Visit to U. Paris Sud, (October 2-10, 2016)
André De Laire Visit to CMM University of Chile, December 2016 (collaboration with Claudio Munoz)
Claudio Muñoz, U. Chile-CMM, Professor Workshop Nonlinear PDEs at IMPA (Brazil), IMPA (Rio de Janeiro), June 20-24 2016


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